Class Schedule



Cardio Chisel: Intervals of weight training and heart-pumping cardio bursts to get your blood flowing and your muscles popping, using dumbbells, kettlebells, BOSU's, balls, bands, and more                           


Energy Barre: High energy challenging workout that will get your heart rate up, lift your tush and tone all the right areas, using a ballet barre, along with bands and other resistance equipment.                                         


Cardio Ball: BYOB (bring your own ball) to this heart-pumping, fast-moving class. Get ready to use your ball and weights non-stop. Beware! This class is addicting!                                         


Pilates: An all-level mat class offered to those looking to strengthen the deepest layers of muscles and strengthen the mind-body using Pilates exercises in a continuous flow of movement connection. Focus is placed on strengthening and stabilizing the core, pelvis, and spine.                                         


Cardio & Core: Exactly what it sounds like...Get your heart rate pumping and work your abdominals all in one hour!                                          

Teen Package: Open to teens age 13-17. Teens may now attend ANY URfit class by using classes from their discounted package rate. Purchase Teen Package and use classes when it's convenient for you.